Welcome to Lazy Arrow Adventures
Are you looking for a place full of excitement and relaxation? A place to leave your cares behind and enjoy the rustic outdoors? Well, Look no further... Escape the urban daily grind and let Lazy Arrow guide you to a place where wildlife and camaraderie are plentiful.

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Lazy Arrow Outdoor Adventures is run on the 32,000 acre, cattle and exotic animal, Camatta Ranch in San Luis Obispo County. Ranging from Chaparral, Oak and Grey Pine tree studded hills, to picturesque open fields of grass and wildflowers, the ranch offers folks an abundance of opportunities to enjoy all that the land has to offer. The management of the 250 exotic animals and their habitat has been an integral part of the ranch's operation. The Camatta Ranch dates back to Mexican land grant days and was put together in 1846. The current owners purchased the ranch in 1978. Sharing the outdoors and the ranching way of life is a number one priority for the ranch. Step back in time, to where the buffalo still roam and let Lazy Arrow create a memory making adventure for you!

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